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Educational Consultants

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What Toechter und Soehne can do for you

Toechter und Soehne (German for: daughters and sons) is an educational consultant operating from the center of Europe. We see ourselves as consultants, not merely agents; meaning that we do offer to accompany you and your child from boarding school to the first university degree. Our focus is to help pupils to fully develop their academic and social potentials.

As – from personal experience – we consider boarding schools to be the ideal places to develop a strong and self-confident personality, we do work together with the most renowned boarding schools only.

There is just a very small number of boarding schools that are able to meet the claim, the image and the ability to be called “leading”. Töchter und Söhne concentrates on those very few schools because only there students are offered additional chances to flourish.

Although the majority of our clients come from Germany, we realize that a growing number of parents from around the world seek our consultation if it comes to looking for a boarding school not only in Germany and Switzerland but in the English speaking countries, such as Great Britain, the USA and Canada as well.

We are primarily „match makers“ trying to get together personalities. Or to put it more technically: We try to find the best match between the demand of the student and the offer of the educational institution.

We’d be happy to talk to you about the chances a leading boarding school might hold for your child. Just give us a call: +49-611-180 5880 or send an E-Mail: info@internate.org or have a look at the application form you shall find as a writable pdf.

Short History of Our Company:

Dr. Kulessa established Töchter und Söhne in 1999, concentrating on counseling German students and their parents when it came to German or Swiss boarding schools.

The parents established trust in our work and asked us to consult them when looking for boarding schools in the UK. Thus, we successfully established working relations with a good number of very renowned boarding schools in Great Britain, such as Ardingly, Sevenoaks, Wellington – just to name a few. In addition, the overseas department opened its doors in 2007 and since then we also support students regarding placements at boarding schools in Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand.

Our newest branch is a career and university counseling in German and in English for students looking for universities in English- and German-speaking countries.

Consulting Options

IV. Placement Service for EU-citizens

  • Based on telephone conversations or private consultation, along with submitted documents (application form, reports, essay), we develop a customized student profile.
  • Based on this profile, we recommend 3 – 5 appropriate boarding schools.
  • We inform you on the characteristics and unique features of the suggested schools and introduce your child, together with documents and recommendations, to the school.
  • We provide information on availability and specify possible conditions of admissions.We examine your application documents for the school and suggest ways to improve your profile.
  • In case you would like to visit the schools, we provide assistance in planning and organising your appointments.
  • We facilitate communication between you and the school up until your child has received an official “Offer Letter” from the school.
  • We provide further assistance and consultation in responding to any relevant questions and concerns you may have up until your child starts at its school in Great Britain.

….. 350 Euros

II. Coaching Service

We also provide the option of coaching service to further assist in any questions or concerns you may have after your child has begun studies in Great Britain or if you are looking for a boarding school outside the European Union, or if the student is not an EU-citizen

  • We assist in choice of courses or desire to change from course or departments of study
  • We are your contact with regards to everyday problems and questions your child may have at the school.
  • If necessary, we communicate and mediate between you, the school, and your child.
  • We assist in applying for the necessary visum

….. 650 Euros

Placement and Coaching Service (when booked altogether); mandatory if student is not an EU-citizen:

….. 650 Euros

III. Admissions or Placement Examinations

If the school requires an exam in order to be considered for admission, we provide additional support and facilities at our premises in Wiesbaden or Darmstadt, Germany. This includes organisation, supervision, and transfer of results to the school.

….. 150 Euros

IV. Meeting for Private Consultation

If you would like for us to provide further assessment and consultation (preferably together with your child) we will organise a personal interview and meeting for personal consultation. We therefore gladly invited you to our office in Wiesbaden (Meeting is included in Coaching Service)

….. 240 Euros

If you prefer to book a personal consultation with our senior consultant and founder Dr. Kulessa, we shall  gladly invited you to our office in Wiesbaden

….. 350 Euros

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